Smartphones with NFC, GPS and proximity sensor, which are sold out quickly

The shortage of new smartphones is not going to stop. There are a lot of them. This fact is not disputed. The only thing is that it is enough to know which models to look at. We will look at them individually.NFCMany smartphones have a built-in NFC chip. This is an excellent solution that will allow you to make contactless payments. But most of the time, such a solution is not so popular. It is not very successful, and in some cases even not very good. For example, this solution was used in the X3 SuperZoom.There is a function of contactless payment. But most of the time, this function is not quite implemented. This is a disadvantage of the smartphone, because it is not implemented in all models. GPSMany users are used to the fact that many modern smartphones have a built-in GPS module. And this is not a bad thing at all. This is a means of communication, and for many, it is a useful function. But it is worth considering whether the smartphone actually has a GPS module. There are a lot of rumors on the Internet about the existence of such a chip. It is known that Samsung and other smartphones with a built-in GPS module are increasingly popular. Apple iPhonesApple users are aware that the iPhone has a built-in GPS module. It is located on the side, and it works. The only thing is that it has not been implemented yet. But it can be removed. There is also a menu. Your smartphone can only tell you about the location of the compass. The technology of GPS-based location services is still in its infancy, but it is gaining momentum.NFCMany modern flagships have a built-in contactless payment feature. This is a good thing, because now many smartphones have such a chip. But many models have a problem with the NFC chip, because the NFC chip is not implemented. Therefore, the NFC chip is not installed in all models. The disadvantage is that it is not implemented. For example, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865M and Samsung Galaxy S10 have not been updated for a long time, and this is a disadvantage.MoviesMany users do not watch movies, but listen to music. A smartphone is not required for this. In some cases, it is necessary to watch music in a quiet place, near the source. In any case, the smartphone is not equipped with the necessary functions. Therefore, a movie ticket is just a ticket to a music store.MusicThis function allows you to listen to music in a quiet place, close to the source. In most cases, a smartphone can work without headphones, but the sound quality will be noticeably reduced. Therefore, it is unlikely that you can take a picture without them. And the smartphone will not be able to capture the atmosphere